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An extension to My Linguistics, this blog houses my practices in reading and speaking in Korean.

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I connected Tumblr to my page -


"mic test"

First time at tumblr. Still finding my way around the site. Don’t know how to enable commenting here, luckily I found a tutorial which is not that detailed but made me find a way to add a commenting system here. So yay! My visitors can leave their comments which is totally ♥.

So what pushed me into making a new blog anyway?

I was actually planning on adding Sound Cloud at My Linguistics for my speaking and reading practices but opted not to because of the 5 audio track limit per month. So I made a tumblr instead which is pretty amazing compared to the 5 track limit of Sound Cloud. I can upload an audio track a day so that means 30 audio tracks a month.. Woot!

Anyway, the only problem is I need to always place a link back here so my readers (if they exist) can eventually listen to my practice and leave their comments. It would be better if I can just embed an audio track at wordpress, unfortunately I can’t because embedding is not free except youtube videos which is included in their functions.

So yay! I finally made this site. I hope I can make lots of audio blogs in the future. It’s just a matter of time. I know I can fully master Korean.

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